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Warrior Workout Camps has, without question, the most Experienced, Advanced, Motivated and Educated Personal Trainers of ANY Gym in the Region! Each Trainer has been hand-picked and recruited to the team and they all possess the tools needed to work under the Warrior Workout Camps Name. If you can hire one of them before they're booked, you've just won yourself the best results you can think of achieving!


Personal Training in PhiladelphiaTrain in this Semi-Private Setting and Save $$$ With this groundbreaking service, you select the time you can train and get set up with up to 5 others to work with a Personal Trainer at the Powerhouse Gym of Philadelphia for one hour! Select the time and you'll be able to train 5 days per week with a Professional, Highly Experienced Personal Trainer, motivating and guiding you to get the best body you've never had! The cost comes out to only $10.00/Session!!!
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